Please do not talk to me if you play Friday Night Funkin', VRChat, Danganronpa or Kaiju Paradise

What you need to know about me is that I have the weird autism that makes you only like mildly popular media franchies.
  • ⚾🇺🇸🦅🍻I'M AN AMERICAN🫡🏈🗽🥧
  • IDK what else to put here.


  • GBAtemp - Not really active on there but I'm there if you need me ;)
  • GitHub - Also not active there. I only made a GitHub so I could file a bug report.
  • NeoCities - You are here
  • Reddit - I'm only active in one subreddit.
  • Twitter - Very active there. Too active there in fact. I post my thoughts and silly doodles.
  • Instagram (Main) - Mainly a spam account
  • Instagram (Art) - This is my art account, I only post art that I'm proud of there.
  • YouTube - I have bigger plans for my Youtube account but for now, it's just a dumping ground for funny videos I made.

I have a Discord too, but I don't feel like giving it out willy nilly. Please DM me on Twitter or my main Instagram if you would like to chat on Discord.

Most Importantly...