Ok, this page is totally mobile-unfriendly and inaccessible on most screens bc theres like five different things happening at once and the image in the corner might get in the way on certain screens on so watch out. You can hover on certain images to view the website/game i got them from ok bye.


  • I realized that I was trans when I was 16 in a hotel room bathroom
  • I used to play golf in 6th grade for like a month before quitting bc I realized that I hated golf
  • I want to be a designer or maybe a web developer
  • I want to learn C++ and make my own programs
  • I wanted to play ARMS and Super Smash Bros. professionally at one point
  • I'm autistic and I have ADHD
  • I'm very paranoid about what other people think/know about me
  • I can't spell
  • I am very indecisive, I always gotta have the best of both worlds...
  • I used to not like sports prior to 2021 *gasp*

Why NeoCities?

I originally made this site in 2018 after hearing about NeoCities from a Tumblr post or whatever. I was 14 and I was really into Danganronpa and K1-B0 was my favorite character (I kinned him and all) so I based my username off of the phonetic version of his name (kiibo) & made my NeoCities. And then I forgot about it for 3 years LOL. In those three years I had something traumatizing happen to me involving Danganronpa that I will NOT get into, and now I hate Danganronpa, if you are a Danganronpa fan get off this site now.
In late 2021, I was on Instagram as my main social media and most of the people I followed had a Carrd and I was about to make one until I remembered that I made a NeoCities and I was like... "Why would I make a Carrd? When I could just revisit NeoCities?" and da rest is history...

Why do you love PawaPuro so much?

This game saved my life...
Sometimes I forget NeoCities has over 400'000 websites, it feels like there's only 100.
Scene from the Pokémon anime of a Core Zygarde named Squishy being lightly squeezed like a stress toy, a curious look in his innocent eyes. I do envy him.

My favorite Booger-mon...❤

My favorite Pokémon

Likes and Dislikes...


  • Grilled cheese
  • Cats
  • Jumpstyle
  • Coffee
  • Collecting pens
  • Skeuomorphs - I grew up when skeuomorphic UI designs were popular, so this kind of design means a lot to me. Wish they would make a comeback.


  • "-core" Aesthetics
  • Boiled eggs
  • British accents
  • CRT & VHS filters - Seriously, I hate that that shit, especially on websites. It would be less annoying to see it on a real CRT.
  • Discord
  • Dogs
  • Flies
  • Paywalls
  • Vaporwave

More interests...

  • Bomberman
  • ARMS (Nintendo fighting game)
  • Project X Zone & Namco X Capcom
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Parasite Eve
  • Digimon
  • Doko Demo Issyo - The game where that little white cat comes from that one, I was a fan before he became super popular online I am a trendsetter!!!


HTML Documentation, Tools & Tutorials



Archives & Graphics

  • Glitter Graphics - Search engine for user-uploaded graphics. Surprisingly, new graphics are still being uploaded to this day.
  • Color Blender
  • OoCities - GeoCities Archive
  • GifCities - Search engine for graphics from GeoCities; circa 1994~2008 (If anyone who works at sees this, please add more search options, thank you!!!)
  • PataPata - Japanese website containing cute free-to-use graphics made by the website's owner. Please check the "README" before using any of the graphics.

I will add more later...