SinYagu (신야구)

SinYagu (Literally "New Baseball") was a online PC game developed by Neople and HanbitSoft. SinYagu was first released in 2004, being the first online multiplayer baseball game to be released in South Korea. SinYagu is known for being the subject of a lawsuit over the game's similarity to another baseball game made by a Japanese company.


Sometime in 2005, Konami filed a lawsuit against Neople over the character designs in SinYagu. Konami stated that the designs of the characters in SinYagu were far too similar to that of the ones in PawaPuro, Their popular baseball game series which also featured super-deformed characters. Konami ordered that the designs be changed, but Neople did not respond to their request, leading to the lawsuit being filed.


SinYagu was active up until 2007. The service closed on December 28th of that year. There has not been a new SinYagu game since then, and a new game is unlikely. Konami would lose the lawsuit against Neople in 2009.


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