Current Status:

  • Posting on Instagram daily (1~2 Posts per day)
  • On summer vacation
  • Still looking for my Wii :(
  • Playing Pokemon Black 2 (Beaten all the gym leaders, haven't gotten to the Elite 4)
  • Playing Pokemon Moon (Just got to the 3rd island)
  • Working on revamping the index page, to make it less plain looking.
Welcome to my website, check the sidepanel for more content and offsite links. if any other baseball fans see this website i'm genuinely sorry.

bladee fans when i throw poop at them lol

yo who else here likes moths but not in a tumblr cryptid "bröther give me the lamp" scp foundation kind of way?

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST It Has To Be This Way Extended

Proverbs 22:3


Ex-Danganronpa kinnie, ginger beer enjoyer

17 | he/xem | bisexual | transmasc

Please do not talk to me ever if you use "owo" or "uwu" thank you ^_^

pictures of my husbands:

Frank West (Dead Rising) Herobrine (Minecraft) M. Bison (Street Fighter) Ikuzou Noride (PawaPuro 2018) Phoebus (PawaPuro 2020) Sinistar