Control schemes depend on the controller/game. Consult the game's instructions or an online resource for specific details.

Batting | 打撃操作

Move the joystick in the desired direction to move the the yellow oblong crosshair, the Meet Cursor (ミート・カーソル), in that direction. When the ball arrives, line up the Meet Cursor then press either B/Cross to swing the bat, or A/Circle and hold to attempt a bunt.
Various Meet Cursors, from small to large
REMEMBER: The Meet Cursor's size and shape will vary depending on the batter's stats. Players with a low Meet (ミート) stat will have a small cursor and vice versa.

Bunting | バント

A bunt is where you don't swing at a batted ball, but instead tap it into play... Press and hold A/Circle to move the bat into bunting position.

Hard Swing | 強振

Press R/R1 to toggle Hard Swing on and off. When Hard Swing is on, the Meet Cursor becomes a small circle. It's more difficult to hit the ball, but when you do manage to get a hit, it has the chance to go flying.

Pitching | 投球操作

Move the left Joystick to select a pitch, then press B/Cross to throw the pitch, move the joystick to adjust the trajectory of the ball. If applicable, press R/R1 to switch to the other pitch for that direction.

Types of Pitches

Diffrent players will have diffrent pitches to select from. For example, let's look at the default Training Mode Pawapuro-kun's pitches:
  • Straight
  • Zenryoku Straight/Moving Fast
  • Two-seam
  • Shot
  • Sinker
  • Fork
  • Cup
  • Slider



Fielding | 走塁操作

Move the left Joystick to move your baserunner, which is indicated by a spinning yellow arrow above their head. Baserunners will catch balls automatically, but you must throw the balls manually. To throw to a base, press the button that corresponds to that base:
  • A/Circle = First Base
  • X/Triangle = Second Base
  • Y/Square = Third Base
  • B/Cross = Home Base
You can also press R/R1 to throw to the center.


Press A/Circle to dive or X/Triangle to jump.