Game Modes

Multiple game modes have appeared in the Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series. Some modes; like Success and MyLife, have appeared in almost every game since their first apperance, while others only appear in one game.

Arrange (アレンジ)

This mode allows you to make your own lineup of players from the teams of your choice, creating "Arranged" versions of said teams. Starting with PawaPuro 10; you can create your own fictional team as well.

League (リーグ)


MyLife (マイライフ)

First appears in PawaPuro 10. The player creates their own baseball player and live through the day-to-day life of a professional baseball player over the course of 20 years. Chat with teammates & higher-ups, enjoy hobbies & even get married.

Pennant (ペナント)

First appears in PawaPuro '94 (As "Mini Pennant" due to time and space constraints).

Practice (練習(れんしゅう))

First appears in PawaPuro '94 (As "Camp").

Scenario (シナリオ)

First appears in PawaPuro '94. Scenario mode allows the player to play recreations of memorable or important moments in baseball.

Success (サクセス)

First appearing in PawaPuro 3; Success is essentially a story mode of sorts. Various events can happen, such as getting injured during practice, going on dates with female characters and encountering the strange German doctor; Daijōbu-hakase, who will preform experiments on the player in a attempt to increase their stats.

Hero (ヒーロ)

Featured in PawaPuro NEXT only. It's like Success mode, but it's played like a board game. In this mode, the player goes through three stages of Pawapuro-kun's life (Childhood, Teenhood, Adulthood).

Heroes (ヒーローズ)

Featured in PawaPuro Heroes only. Functionally similar to PawaFes save for some differences.

PawaFes (パワフェス)

First appears in PawaPuro 2016. PawaFes is a mode where you, The PawaFes Challengers join a 20-team baseball tournament, you can recruit players to add to your team. PawaFes always ends with a surprise boss battle...

Versus (対戦(たいせん))

Versus is the core mode of PawaPuro

Spectator (観戦)

Spectator is exactly what you think it is. Pick two teams, and the game plays itself...

Home Run Competition (ホームラン競争) / Home Run Attack (ホームランアタック)


Homerun-kun (ホームランくん)

Featured in PawaPuro 9 only. Placeholder