Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū

Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū (実況パワフルプロ野球), currently being sold as eBASEBALL Powerful Pro Yakyū (eBASEBALLパワフルプロ野球) is a long-running series of Baseball/Visual Novel games which are currently being developed and published by the Japanese video game and entertainment company Konami (コナミ). The series has spawned numerous sequels & spin-offs; becoming one of the best-selling baseball games in Japan, one of Konami’s most profitable franchises & one of the largest baseball video game series of all time.

History of PawaPuro

The game’s origins can be traced back to a game previously developed and published by Konami for the Sharp X6800 in 1991 called Namachūkei 68 (生中継68). Namachuukei 68 was more grounded in reality unlike it’s more cartoonish successor, featuring realistic looking players and graphics. Namachuukei 68 also introduced things that would go on to become staples of the PawaPuro series; such as the batting system and the lively ambiance of the crowd. It can be inferred that development began on PawaPuro '94 some time afterwards.
During it’s development, the game was meant to be realistic looking like it’s predecessor, but due to graphical limitations, which would cause the game to look choppy and stiff, the game’s art style had to go in a different direction. And so, the original design of the super-deformed Pawapuro-kun was created. The first game, Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū '94 would come out on on the Super Famicom on March 11th, 1994, laying down the groundwork for subsequent games in the franchise.
On February 29th, 1995; Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū 3 would come out, bringing with it, Success, a mode in the style of a visual novel. The mode was based off of the gameplay of Tokimeki Memorial, another game developed by Konami. Tokimeki Memorial was very popular amongst the PawaPuro development team; so they decided to create a mode inspired by it so that PawaPuro 3 would have something to sell and not just be a rehash of previous games...